Agent of Change

I Am The Agent of Change in the Future

I am as Agents of Change in the Field of Disaster
Agent of change is one of the major role in the development and strategic essence of development is to make something less good for the better and make something that does not exist into existence as well as beneficial to society. These changes require a reliable agents to the expected goals can be achieved to the fullest.


Disaster is one of the obstacles that can slow the progress of development. Participation and community action to care in the event of a disaster can be considered quite good. Apparently, there are two important measures that can be used as a solution for disaster Mitigation and prevention of disasters. Ironically, Disaster Mitigation and Management is a field that still has not received serious attention from society and government. This is the main motivation why I decided to become change agents who want to provide awareness and understanding of local communities living in disaster-prone areas of mitigation (risk reduction) and early disaster preparedness.

I aim to create public awareness about how important a disaster.Doing something small but meaningful is my motivation to become agents of change. Something that I do is change the mindset of ordinary people who believe that disaster is something that absolutely can not be prepared, be renewed mindset that the disaster is something that is mandatory for reducing the risks and prepare prepared preparedness community with the aim of realizing resilient to disaster Active in participation as volunteers who care about the disaster, participate in forums nationally and internationally that focus on disaster management, and become part of a youth organization concerned with disaster is an example of some real action that I do to realize my goal to be a volunteer and an agent of change in the areas of concern regarding the disaster


With a variety of disaster management action concerns what I do, then it is expected to bring changes to a small but very meaningful to local communities, especially communities living in disaster-prone areas on disaster preparedness and mitigation in.In addition by becoming agents of change in the field of disaster that in fact are rarely touched by the youth, I wish that I could be a motivation for youth to become agents of change respect to the field of disaster management.
Action and the contribution of youth as agents of change is the key to realizing change towards a more innovative for the interests of society for present and future. Create balance our lives by helping others.

by : Firmansyah Shidiq Wardhana

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