Firmansyah SW

Firmansyah Shidiq Wardhana. Considerably deciding myself as 18 years old to be the active, participative and ambitious youth who want to take a part build Indonesia become better and empowered.

Pursuing my education bachelor of business administration in the University of Malaya which is covered by CIMB Bank and CIMB Foundation.

Initiating the hard-working since high school by doing social venture in environmental community , student council and youth development program were some of useful platforms for me to ease my future and get more knowledge in the area of academic skill, emotional and life skills

Getting work-out , biking, writing , photographing, and socializing are some lists of my ardors in the leisure time

My 2012 projects are generating the SUNSHINE (Soul of Unifying and Shining Youth) Movement in which aims to empower the Indonesian Youth in the part of social venture, education, environmental caring and entrepreneurship. Instead of these, getting more useful experience of life ,networking and better education by studying harder, being the amateur entrepreneur  at campus & following youth organization of AISEC, Business Club, MUN , Student Exchange, Youth Leader Conference are some list of expectations which hopefully can be achieved in 2012.

The Wish of Life which I expect to be more worshipping to the Almighty of God who have given me the blessing of life until my 18 years of life. Additionally being the successful Youth Entrepreneur of Culinary & Clothing , Banker of World Bank , Book-Writer, World Youth Leader who can contribute the positive betterments toward society

My spirit of word “ Because Life prosecutes us to write, be the change-maker of dynamic world, and be useful-empowered for the development of in raising prosperous increment “

Keep hard struggling, broad networking and sincere praying to Allah SWT


10 comments on “ABOUT FIRMANSYAH SW

    • Subhanallah mantep sekalii masbrother tentang blog,biografi and artikel2 mas agungg yang beenr2 AMAZING ..sampe ngejer and speechless membacanya massss…empowering,Inspiring,motivating and EVERYTHINg masbroooooo…Expectedly we are able to be the useful and inspiring people towards ourselves , society and Islam..Amin Allahuma Aminn….I have to learn more to you masbrother…Very proud of your amazing and astounding achivements,,,I’m the newbie of economics and business in UM masbro..I start my class in the February,2012…Now I’m stil in Sidoarjo,my beloved city..how are you amsbroo??..Sukses slalu..Barakallahu Lakum…BIG PROUD to be your brother masbrooo

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