Undergraduate, Master and PhD Scholarship from the Government of Turkey 2013

this information is taken from : http://www.myusro.info

KOMPAS.com (03/05/2013) – The Turkish government has offered scholarships to study at all levels of higher education for international candidates in 2013. In addition, through a program called Turkiye Burslari Scholarship program, the Turkish government also offers scholarships and study Turkish language courses during the summer.

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This scholarship is open to many courses, such as Political Science, International Relations, Law, Engineering, Islamic Studies, Agriculture, Economics, Journalism, History, Sociology, Architecture, and Linguistics. Candidates may choose to study at universities recognized in Turkey.

Scholarship recipients will receive a monthly allowance of 300-575 U.S. dollars, or residential accommodation allowance, tuition fees, training fees Turkish language courses, health insurance, and allowances streets.


This condition!
For the Bachelor level scholarship, candidates must have completed a study of high school and was not born later than January 1, 1992 when registering. For Master scholarships, candidates must have obtained the bachelor’s degree and was not born later than January 1, 1983. Meanwhile, candidates Doctoral scholarship applicants must be pocketed a master’s degree and was not born later than January 1, 1978.


(Courtesy by google.com)

International candidates must also meet the requirements of the university they go to. Therefore, candidates who wish to enroll in this scholarship must be received pocketed mark at the university.


Registration for scholarships Post-Graduate will be opened in early March and closed on March 31, 2013. Meanwhile, the Bachelor scholarship applications will be opened in early March and closed at the end of May 2013.


If you are interested, see the detailed requirements and instructions for registration on the official website following Turkiye Burslari Scholarship. Good luck!


Mas Yusro
Caroline Damanik


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