HEROES University of Malaya Team : Undefined Mercies from Allah SWT


Ya Allah Ya Rahman Ya Rahim 

May Allah SWT Always Blesses and Protects us 

There will be many dynamics,challenges and obstacles to do the mandatory of Allah SWT as khalifah in this earth. 

Photo: Fullhouse!!! The first session of #HeroesUM #inspirational #talks - Giants of Humanity:  #Adam at Tun Mohamed Suffian, #UniMalaya. #Islamic #brotherhood and #sisterhood

(Heroes UM First Session about Prophet Adam A.S, 28 February 2012)


But believe that there will be many hikmah and learning towards what we are doing now to be better person in this temporary dunya and save it as the alms supply in akhirah. Amin Allahuma Amin

How I love my friends in HEROES UM as my family
Fabiayyi alla irobbikuma tukadziban…. 

To my beloved brother : mydirectorOmar Namnakani, Mohammad BaflahMuhammad MusannaNur Bazli Noor Mohamad, Fauzal, Meor, Bukhairy, Khaleed, Abood, etc2

(HEROES UM Team : The Brothers)

To my sister : Asmath FathimaRayinda RahmadhaniDania Elena Lily RofilPuteri Azura , Syazwani, Taufee, etc 

(Heroes UM Team: The Sisters of UM HEROES)

Keep our intentions for the sake of Allah SWT.

Nothing we hope except the ridho, blessing, and forgiveness of Allah SWT dunya wal akhirah. Zadanallah ilman wa hirshan

Hamaasatu wal hamasah….Al ilmurosikh waf’u linnas

HEROES UM Family – Pray and Supplicates each other …

Hopefully the challenges and obstacles that we have to face will be able to make us maturer in this life and nearer to Allah SWT. Aaamiin Allahuma Aamiin




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