Indonesian Student Association Activities-UM (Saman Dance Practicing)

Assalamualaykum Warrahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

How are you doing , “friend of virtual blogger and surfer”?

Long time no to post about the color of our life. Hopefully, this month can be utilized to be very productive to write and keep updating this blog instead of  being productive in the college life. ^_^

Today, the writer is willing to update the activity of Indonesian Student Association about the SAMAN Dance practicing. Friday (20/4/2012) was the 1st time for the novice junior to practice Saman dance with our respective senior (leaded by Kak Mirratu and the others). All of the new members are currently recruited from the 1st year of Indonesian student in UM. All of us are eager to learn how to dance SAMAN well. (heheeheeh..altough we realize that it is not easy ^_^ but we do believe that by practicing gradually, we are able to dance SAMAN as well then. Our seniors are very lenient to guide and teach us how to dance saman as well as possible. Moreover, teaching the boys member (hahahahah)….

Our seniors have us to practice twice a week before the UM International Cultural Fair 2012 that will be held by the UMISA – University of Malaya  in the second week of May 2012 .  In this event, each country has to perform their cultural legacy , cultural staff and special culinary in the food stall .

Expectedly, we can perform as well as possible to represent Indonesia  and PPI UM. Amin Allahuma Amin..BARAKALLAH..Semangat KAWANNN^_^

The New PPI UM Saman Dance 2012 Members with the professional Saman Dance SENIORS (heheheh..)

(Taking the ALAY Photo after practicing SAMAN in KPS) Sunday,22/4/2012

Break Session…Tetap Semangat Latihan

Our Respective SENIORS who are professional and talented to perform SAMAN DANCE (Kak Umu, Kak Dwi, Kak Ratu, Kak Febri)


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