January 2012 has become the month of resolution creating , action initiating in which as a platform for me myself to be one step ahead creating positive betterment to be more energized , active , participative and empowered youth to contribute as useful as possible in the existence of society.

This is the things which I am able to summarize what I have started to begin (done/undone/routine action)  in January 2012 :

1. Religious Activity :Islam as my deep faith obliges me to be nearer and more intimate time by time with The Almighty of ALLAH SWT. Always trying to do the WAJIB (COMPULSED) Thing as proper as possible and also the SUNNAH as often as possible. For example what I have tried to do in this month are as follows : I wish that I could do this action routinely in the rest of my life (Insha Allah) a. ) Getting Routinized to do Dhuha Praying 12 Rakaat everyday whatever ,wherever and whenever I am. Because I  do believe that dhuha praying is one of the Islam prescription to get nearer with Allah SWT , get our qolbu (deep-heart) become calm and avoid us from the profanity of world . In addition it is becoming as part of alms and dole for Moslem , influence the fluency of our mercies and blessing from Allah SWT and the important one that Al Hadits (Islamic 2nd Holy Book) has conveyed that for those (Moslem mankind) who routinely done duhha praying 12 rakaat will be build by Allah SWT a wonderful palace in the heaven (for the life beyond) b.) Trying to be consistent reading and understanding Al Quran , Al-Matsurat  and Nurubuwah Dua day by day c.) Increasing the quantity of alms and dole toward the needed people (orphans,dhuafa and others) because I do believe with the spirit of giving, more we gives, more we get. So that it, we are as human always possess tendency to help each other sincerely and maximally.

2.  Healthy ActivityGetting more consistent to do physical training, working out , supplementary and food regulation, calories calculating , reducing the frying oily food managed, reducing the syntetic sweetener and additives (MSG,etc), always saying NO and NEVER to fast-junkfood,soda and cigarettes , reducing eating the meat (only three times or twice a week) , increasing the consumption of soy milk and soy processing food (steamed one of tofu, tempe) , and implement the quotes one day , one sports , one health lifestyle and one life expectancy 

3. Education Activity : Altough my class still will be started in february 2012 but I have to tap up myself to explore more about the major which I take in the college about Business Administration. I have prepared myself to study the journal and book about MIS, general management, statistics business, intro of accounting. Moreover I have to learn more about the freshly pressed thingy about business and economics to keep my brain stay tune up to date about the current issue nowadays. Eventough I think that I am not able to prepare it maximally but I ensured that some of thingys can be applied in my college time. And nowadays I do not want to spend time wastefully , I have to survive and keep struggling to achieve my goals and ambitions.  The last but not least that I always try to implement the quotes ” Do not let your mind to be tired because the earth always keeps moving around everyday , so we have to keep moving on

4. Social and Youth Activity : generating SUNSHINE as  Indonesian youth community which aims to set and unite the shining youths who are empowered in the area of education,eco-world , social ventureOUR MISSION : LEARNING The Better Education, SAVING The Green Environment, COOPERATING Human Relations and EMPOWERING Youth to be Inovative Entrepreneur and business stuff.

5. Business Activity :  This month I have initiated myself use to start a business designing culinary execution in 2012 Insha Allah this (Pray yah friends). Well then I intend to open a culinary business associatedwith healthy vegetable processing. What Do I want to make a BUSINESS PLAN with this base? Because nothing else is not that the vegetables become best friends during my tongue everyday. And I am motivated to process various types of vegetables that can be enjoyed in an interesting and well-looked. I called my business of vegan culinary called GUBUG SAYURAN CAK PIMEN (House of Vegetable Cak Pimen

6. Hobbies and Leisure Time : My hobby which has tried to be conducted are writing more and more, exploring the online competition about blogging, bookworming, exploring the great youth and great people around the world who can inspire me to keep moving forward, cooking and modifying the recipes of unique-health culinary , cycling around the village of mine , reading the book of motivation & self development.

7. Master-Plan of The Next Month (FEBRUARY 2012) : The planning which I consider to do in the next month are getting more great self, great friends, great experience of life , great GPA ,great useful activities and other great stuffs with my new place of studying in University of Malaya. Additionaly I intend to join in the Business club of UM, Debating Club and Social Youth Venture in UM (Amin Ya Rabbal Alamiin). Expectedly I can realize what I have planned for this FEBRUARY 2012 : 🙂

Finally, I am able to say that January 2012 has become the month of initiating and action starting to be done more routine and better in the nexty months in the rest of my life. Amin Allahuma Amin

Created by :Firmansyah Shidiq Wardhana (January , 31th 2012 : 23:59 )



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