Bhineka Tunggal Ika : Indonesian Motto of Life about (Unity in Diversity) in the Globalization Era

Unity in Diversity (Bhineka Tunggal Ika) is the motto and the spirit of life of Indonesia that will remain functional function  and useful things at of all the time. We need to know that the Unity in Diversity means ‘ Although we are different and yet we remain one also’. It is capable of making the spirit of the Indonesian people to live side by side in harmony and peace in phenomena of differences of religion, race, tribe and ethnicity.
Tangible Challenge of Bhineka Tunggal Ika
Although we undestand that in this era of globalization at present, very intense and often occur inter-ethnic conflicts that resulted in social and nationality disintegration . But this bias is reduced by applying the motto Unity in Diversity in our life  everyday. This motto is the legacy of our ancestors/founding fathers  that we must guard and hold for the rest of Indonesian life . Meanwhile  in the presence of inter-ethnic conflicts that sparked tensions between the people of Indonesia, motto “Unity in Diversity” is a motto that is able to awaken the people of Indonesia to further contemplate and think in real that the Conflict between tribes that struck us today is a process and a challenge to realize the lofty values of Pancasila which a slogan “Unity in Diversity
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Managing The Bhineka Tunggal Ika Obstacle 
The main problem of life in the era of plurality and the global era is the occurrence of conflicts, both among individuals and groups. Conflict can be called as a timeless entity in any difference. Therefore, there is still eliminating the difference is “impossible”, but they can do is only to minimize. The strategy is the implementation of multicultural education in the curriculum, the efforts of passage themselves, efforts to reduce the ego. And the main thing is to apply the practice of virtue Pancasila and the motto “Unity in Diversity”, then the above factors have ideals, namely the realization of peace, justice, and social fraternity, anti-conflict, violence,  discriminatory as well as the integrity of the nation’s strength and loyalty in sacrifice to the country. The main one of the first in an effort to minimize conflict are: the intention is very rounda strong and principled resolveas well as consistent in managing 
Understanding Differences from Another Side Perspective 
In the essence, the difference is always in various color and it is a challenge in shaping the natural integrity . Indeed we can not deny the instinctive process. Indeed, the difference will be presenting disintegration of nation (widespread division) , but returned again in essence these as  a process that takes steps towards full twists in a goal. So, for leading a great nation and has integration / (unity of nationalities) in full, and we must be able to survive in the face of all challenges occurred. Yet it would be nice if a difference is the main capital of the complexity of life that forms a noble goal that is unity and tranquility of life.
 Picture by : Mas Dhanu and Friend (
Written By : Firmansyah Shidiq Wardhana (February , 1th 2012  )to be presented : Birthday of KOHANUDNAS INDONESIA 1 Feb 2012
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