Developing and Integrated School- College Environmental Program

Implementation Program DISCEP
(Developing and Integrated School and College Environment Program)
As Sustainable Action of Green Campaign
Improvements in Environmental School/College Efforts

A. Background
The environmental crisis and global warming is a very serious and crucial to facing in the era of globalization. Various efforts are to encourage innovative and sustainable business for the sake of improving the environment for a better future. One example of efforts being aggressively pursued is a program for green campaign or a green campaign that allegedly capable of providing a positive influence on all walks of society to care for continuous environmental improvement efforts.
The school environment is one of the most effective sampling program for implementing a green campaign. One of the real program in the success of the program is the implementation of a green campaign DISEP program (Developing and Integrated School Environment Program) based green campaign that has been implemented in college or high school as  sustainable

B. Categorization and Implementation Program
Programs that are developed in a sustainable business environment improvement is Developing and Integrated School Environment Program (DISEP), a program development environment integrated schools that are implemented in  in the school and college are as follows:

  1. 1. School Green Awareness Program (SGAP)
    Environmental care programs are routinely conducted with the active participation of students, teachers and the entire academic community in the school or college also Clean and Shine Friday activities. This activity is focused on students’ classroom cleaning, cleaning of the main park of school/college, planting green shoots-productive plants and related efforts in increasing awareness of students to care about the existence of the school environment.
  2.  Green School Observation Program (SGOP)
    The program of observation and study of educational and fun environment using business-based approach to practice sustainable environmental improvements. The program is implemented by all students in class X and class XI  in the school and college every year in the form of outbound and environmental studies at the Center for Environmental Research (PPLH). In addition the Student Council and Scientific Work Youth Club also conducts environmental observation to PPLH, Paition Energy Processing Center, the Botanical Gardens Botanical Purwodadi and Safari Park
  3. School Green Dialogue Program (SGDP)
    Green campaign program in the development environment with the implementation of an interactive dialogue, talk shows and seminars on awareness-raising efforts to care for the environment and improving the business environment in the school environment. The program is implemented in commemorating Earth Day, National Education Day, Environment Day and others.
  4. Caring of New Students Green School Program (SGSCNSP)
    Environmental campaign programs in schools that implemented anual (every year) coincided with the acceptance of new students at  in the school and college. This activity focused on outbound outdor event, the introduction of the mandala Wiyata area schools, the introduction of material 3R (reduce, reuse and recycle) and planting of greenery in the area of ​​productive school environment.The event was held for three days at The New Student Orientation (MOS) in  in the school and college
  5. Green School of Art and Literary Campaign (SGALC)
    Green environmental campaign program intelligently and creatively use the media bulletin board / poster to foster students’ sense of caring for the environment. In addition this program is poured through the media performing arts as a means attractive for students to participate in the effort to increase awareness of the environment, eg, making jingles music environment, costume contest (costplay) and recycled materials creatively themed show of works teaktrikal environmental stewardship.
  6. Green School Student Leadership Training Program (SGSLTP), Soft skills training programs and student leadership within the scope of the management of Intra-School Students Organization (OSIS), Scouts and PASKIBRA (flags marches) with environment-based training methods.The purpose of this program is to combine the values ​​of leadership of the students selected to be able to become the initiator and a model for schools in the academic community to contribute in real terms against the business school of sustainable environmental improvements. Implementation of this program is realized in different circumstances, for example Latian Basic Leadership (LDK) OSIS, Reception shelves (PTA) and Charming Boy Scouts and Training Unit Commander Paskibra

C. Synergy and Active Participation

  1. DISEP program implementation will be successful if supported by cooperation between the cooperative and active participation of academics in school. It is based on a shared commitment to enhance the synergy of academic society in an effort to improve the school environment to create a greener Indonesia. And able to be a medium for students to participate in a real program for a better Indonesia.

In addition to the range of support from the school and the enthusiasm of the students it will get a quality correlation in the follow up program in the context DISEP green campaign as an ongoing program in the future.

D. Impact and Expectations of Program Implementation

The expected outcome of the program DISEP (Developing and Integrated School Environment Program)

  1. This is the preservation and improvement of the environment within the scope of the progressive school. No matter how small our efforts will be very meaningful for the existence of the environment when we are trying so earnestly and diligently.
  2. Efforts to improve the school environment through green campaign methods (green campaign) that has been ihold  in the school and college expected to form a private academic community that cares about the environment. In addition students can express their creative and innovative spirit that can be applied to make Indonesia a green
  3. DISEP program implementation is one platform which when implemented on an ongoing basis will be able to create a mindset (thinking), self-awareness (awareness of self) and applied behavior (application behavior) of the academic community in the context of concern contributive to the school environment.
  4. In addition DISEP program is expected to inspire the students and schools in Indonesia to take concrete action in the business environment improvement

created by : Firmansyah Shidiq Wardhana ()


3 comments on “Developing and Integrated School- College Environmental Program

  1. waaa bahasa inggris nih, agak kesulitan juga
    tapi aku tau maksudnya. program2nya bagus2, tapi yg paling utama kesadaran individunya juga sih.
    bisa difikirkan lebih lanjut ^^ SMAN1KA go green

  2. wahaha adekku pasti bisa.adeknya mbak andia giitu lhoo..yah dekk ebebrapa ada yang udah dilaksanakan di taunku.coba pean kembangin lagiii…yahh adekkkuu sippp paling penting individunya..oh yah adek d OSIS sekbid apa dek?salam buat semua yah osis 11-12 sukses slaluu..sebarkan energi positif and be the changemakers of the world,….SMANIKA goes Greenn..manteppzzzz

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