Youth Life : Life Learning at Leisure Time

Learning is not always by doing ” usual positive things ” but we can think out of the box to do the “freak positive things” to create the rainbow of  life. (by Firmansyah SW)

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Socializing is the most needed and influential things for the life of human. Even more the youth who possess the passion of integrity, friendship and fiery synergy of relating each other to build the bonded networking. Socializing can be done effectively and blissfully when we posses leisure time (e.g : holiday of school , waiting for the semester of our college , etc) . Leisure time is always identical to the youth activity.  Spending the leisure time with in vain things is the most problematic stuff which must be passed by the youth. But this kind of facts can be overcome directly with some strategic solution as well as possible to be applied.

(Some local children shows their plays JZ in Kebun Bibit Surabaya)

Turning the in vain things to the useful things can be done easily within only changing our way of thinking about something in the same and common condition. The most tangible example when we are going to hangout with our friends, most of us always tend to visit the mall,department store and such kinds of doing “hedonism and consumerism” thingy toward our leisure time. This is the most common thing which happen to the youth life in which we have ever met in the sub-urban , urban fringe and post-urban fringe area.  The western pop life has successfully hypnotized us to do this things gradually. When we realize that this kind of thing are such kind of capitalism-hedonism effect , we admit that this is the mistaken thing which has been done by us. But it is only in the short term of realizing , after that we will have been hypnotized again by this kind of thing.

We are as youth must realize that they must exempt ourselves from these life culture. It is due to the bad-elusive effect in the short and long term period when we can not stop to do this thing.  Shifting this way is the most challenging thing for us. Turn to spend our leisure time by visiting the flora park of our urban fringe area , playing and enjoying the green environment of the city park , visiting the icon of architecture from our city and enjoying the original-unique-cheap culinary of our own city and the other can be the strategic solution to spend our leisure time cheaply , effectively and smartly. We can learn about the history of city icon , local wisdom of genuine culinary and the most important thing when we can interact with the fabulous linked people who can inspire and motivate us when we do all of these stuffs in term of spending our leisure time. This kind of thing looks so small and usual , but it can be different when we can turn back to the facts before. It means that from our SMALL and LITTLE things. We can be the part of youth who can decrease the effect of western pop life , hedonism-consumerism lifestyle and even more we can be the part of youth who maximize the ICON of our city as the potential part of learning even though we are in term of spending our amazing leisure time

Finally , we can summarize that the essence of leisure time is not only getting ourselves to be relax but also learning the local wisdom of our genuine history and the spirit of life a.k.a SOFT SKILL ABILITY as much as possible without omitting the amusement of our leisure time. Instead of learning positive things toward our leisure time , we can decrease the effects of bad influence from in vain leisure time lifestyle which mostly be done by the teenagers nowadays.

Remember that being YOUTH , we can determine TWO (2) THINGS :

1. We can decide to be the YOUTH who only PROSECUTE  TO CHANGE

2. We can decide to be the YOUTH who always ACT TO CHANGE 

Sincerely Yours

By FIRMANSYAH SHIDIQ WARDHANA (23:59 , January 5th 2011)

Inspired by : Spending my leisure time today with Faza Abadi Udayana and Rungu Puput Herlambang around Surabaya icon and met with positive people (Pak Budi : Seller of Lontong Balap garuda Blauran SBY)who revive our fiery spirit to change and be better for us and our surround society.


4 comments on “Youth Life : Life Learning at Leisure Time

    • heheheh yah yuni..lho pean lagi UAS kan??..ayoo kapan2 SUNSHINE part II yahh..making new project..wokehh sippp WE HAVE TO BE euy…SO WILL I..KEEP INSPIRING < MOTIVATING < EMPOWERING each other..INSYA ALLAH

  1. Hmm, I decide to be the youth who always ACT TO CHANGE, Amin . . .
    Ternyata hang outnya kmrin seru jg, haha. . .

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