POETRY TIME : A Soul of Change Maker

A Soul of Changemaker

Glazed in a fettered soul aurora
Altering self drenched in sweat are already hard and petrified
Sorrow heart pounding hum
Time after time
I tried re-again to knit up a single
But what a tangible power
all purely imaginary impasse

My mind set in melancholy

But I chestnut
I Must Forward
Breath of mine seemed to rumble
Grains of blood in my veins in a single race

I am
Much like beings who bowed sluggish
I am not the aloes
Standing upright at all times

I’m sure – I am a change maker

That is able to rise from the grave doubt

I could change myself
Being a song lyric
A melodious chant
Formations in the throne forward

By ; Firmansyah Shidiq Wardhana

Inspired by the artist of change maker campaigning in Indonesia 


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