Business Plan Competition : Industrial Engineering ITS 2011

Getting flashback into the 10 months ago in the beginning of February 2012 was very unforgettable and memorizing moments which I passed in my life. Remembering the announcement of business plan and maths competition from the website of Technology Institute of Surabaya in Industrial Engineering major was making me hectic to precede this competition because the gift of winning this competition will have been allowed to enroll in this maorj. I considered letting my ‘ridiculous and smart” friend to be my teammate whose name Ayu Wedayanti and Indry Arifany whom come from my high school too.

At the 1st phase, we went to look for the phase of competition which we will have followed by this time. We were prosecuted to make a proposal of business plan which had to be campaigned online and printed to be given to the committee of this competition. We had an idea about the business of klepon (traditional cookies of Javanese in Indonesia which is made from the rice flour and coconut) . In the drafting structure of business plan, we were ordered to write this plan scientifically. We have to write and analyze about our product, product branding, marketing strategy, business continuity, market segmentation and the other stuff which in correlate with our business plan idea. At this time, I did remember that we had to share our work after school because we were really possessing dense bustles when we were at class. After accomplishing our business plan, we were aware that we had to campaign our business towards the civity of academics from our beloved schools. Overwhelmingly, we had to broaden the info to be voted online, so we could be chosen to be the big 25 from the participant who came all around Indonesia. Instead of campaigning about our business plan, we had to start making our product in the real condition. So both I and Duo Jupe (Ayu and Indri) shared together how to make delicious klepon / javanese cookies which would be tried by the people at our school. Failure products were the mostly things which we had passed to create klepon but by striving up our indeed and the essence of deadline. We were successful to made our handmade javanese cookies called klepon which combined with our ‘freak” hurry idea.

At the next phase, we were looking for our position in the online voting via the official website competition. At the 1st checking, we got the 5th position for 3 days and we got 7th position in the last day before the arena-competition held.

At the third phase, we got the notification that we involved to the big 25 participants from all around of Indonesia. so we were invited to go to the quarterfinal round in order to be matched again. At the quarterfinal round, we were gonna to the industrial auditorium of ITS to do the task of maths and science olympiad questions. The assessments had to be done in team. We were thinking so hard while we were doing this because it was very elusive and burdensome to do. And we just got along to play and only guess about the nearer right answer (How on earth it was 🙂 ). After this we got the seminar from the expert of business doer which tangibly successful pursuing his business about kebab cakes (Arabic meat cakes). One thing which I always remembered that we have to survive and posses self-empowering when we start doing our business because many obstacles will always impede us. After dhuhur praying, we were going to acquintance oourselves to the other participant who came from Jakarta,Bali,Gresik,Kediri and another city. We got along together, share each other about this competition and our new friendship. And the most waiting result of our quarter was tabulated yet. And my team YOUTH-ENTREPRENEUR team get the 23th position from 25 participants.. How foolish we were but we realized that we were not serious to do the question…

Fortunately, the committee had announced that it was not the final decision to take the big 5 into the final of Mega Games of Business Simulation which will have been held in the next days. I and my team still had a chance to get our score from the RUNNING LAB ANALYSIS phase of competition which held in the morning of day 2. This phase prosecuted us on how to analyze the case about quantity surveying,ergonomics,industrial loan and weighing and another stuff about Industrial engineering world. So we had to move on from the one lab to the other lab to accomplish our mission as well and get the score as much as possible. In the middle of time while waiting the results decided about the big 5. We were getting along with the friends from SMAN 12 Jakarta ( Ihvan, Barry and Aafi) who were very friendly and inspiring friend and we got taking photo together before the results taken out. And the most unforgettable friends also come from SMAN 1 Sooko (Rizal,Ferizal)who were my roommate when we stayed in the dormitory before. We got photographed together too.

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” Because one essential thing is not to be the winner of competition,but how we can learn a lot from others and gain networking around the society there “

Suddenly, the committee announced about the competition results of big 5, they called participant from Gresik, Sidoarjo, Jombang and Krian. Alhamdulillah our team got the 4th position of the accumulation point from the 1st and 2nd phase of semifinal round. At first calling, we didnt realize that we would get it because we had bad score in the phase of tasking quesition of math and science olympiad but the committee said that we had gotten high score in the running lab phase. Alhamdulillah so we determined to go to the GRAND FINAL of mega simulation business games which prosecuted us to be like the company of bakery corporation which had to produce the bakery product in the simulation of strategy business games in 1 months virtually (real time we got 1:30 hours in the arena of industrial auditorium). We were prosecuted to create the product with full of revenues and profits, and also minimize the disadvantages. This was really burdensome challenge for us to think and do without any preparation before The committee had said that it was the most challenging  and different final round for this competition with the other because we acted like the corporation owner and pursue it as clever as possible. I,Ayu and Indri were very hectic and on fire to do this game even tough we got crashed in the 1st time..hahahahah.. we try to minimize the failure and on how to made the great revenues and profits for our company. We get along in team mate,doing our damn strategy and also build our friendship in this time. We do believe that by pursuing this competition , not only learning about the hard skill but the important one that we also learned about the life skills of management,leadership,decision making and others  which we have never forget in the class. We looked and glimpsed at the other participant who did their best too. We were fully inspired and motivated by them strongly. And the competition was fully done.The final result was taken out that we were the 4th place of this competition. We worshipped of this results because we did ensure that the other participants were greater and smarter than us. But we had never given up , we did thanked to Allah SWT that give us the chance to be the 4h winner and learn a lot from this competition. We could gain new experience, friends and another useful knowledge to ease and improve our future.

” Do whatever you like and like whatever you do ” is always the great quotation for me to survive passing our activity.


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